Hundred Islands

Alaminos City, Pangasinan, PH Hundred Islands is one of the beaches you can visit in Luzon Area and near Metro Manila.  I would say, it’s not the best beach you’ll ever visit here in Philippines, but it’s worth the view especially if you’re with your best friends. One of my closest friends is working with … More Hundred Islands

Relationship Lessons

Time will come, you’re going through a lot in the past relationships. Mistakes made, lessons learned. But sometimes, you’ll become tired. As a young woman, I’ve been through a lot of my failed relationships. A lot of pain and hurt. I’ve made a lot of mistakes before I knew the real lessons and purpose of it. … More Relationship Lessons

First Blog Post

Hey there! First of all, I have no idea on what to say about this post. lol. I’m very new on this. whew! I think I’m just going to say something about my reasons why I made this blog and also, something about myself too. At first, I’m planning to be a travel blogger. I … More First Blog Post