Hundred Islands

Alaminos City, Pangasinan, PH

Hundred Islands is one of the beaches you can visit in Luzon Area and near Metro Manila.  I would say, it’s not the best beach you’ll ever visit here in Philippines, but it’s worth the view especially if you’re with your best friends. One of my closest friends is working with the Gawad-Kalinga, so my group of buddies organized and planned to have an Outreach Program for the benefit of Gawad-Kalinga Village Kids in Pangasinan and have a side-trip tour in Hundred Islands. We went there last November 7-8, 2015, which serves as my first out-of-town trip with my buddies.

Picture at the Alaminos Port before boarding the pump boat

Since we are volunteers and provide an outreach program, the Gawad-Kalinga people offered us a free accommodation but it’s not like a hotel room or something, we just stayed in a vacant house from Gawad Kalinga and the people there provide what we need like foams for bed and electricity and as for the water, we pump water on the deep well LOL. Too sad we didn’t take a photo of where we stayed. Otherwise, the Outreach program went really well and successfully. Thanks for the cooperation of the people of GK Pangasinan. 🙂

Onto the tour, we first went to Governor’s Island, it is where we took the picture below which you can see the beauty of Hundred Island 360 degrees and that’s the island where you could go for Zip Line to another Island for Php250.00 at that time. (Prices are subject to change without prior notice ofcourse)

IMG_3130.JPG.Next we went for snorkelling but I don’t know where that is because it’s in between islands LOL. After that, we went to Scout Island where we spend the rest of the tour longer, enjoyed our lunch and had fun. Luckily, it seems that we own the island and no other people are in there.

aaahhh enjoy the calmness and the serenity of the island

So here’s our itinerary for 2 days 1 night trip to Hundred Islands:

November 6,2015 Friday

10PM –                 Call Time in Victory Liner Cubao

November 7, 2015 Saturday

12AM –                Left Cubao to Pangasinan

6AM-                     Arrived at Alaminos, Pangasinan

7AM-                     Arrived at Gawad Kaling Village

8AM to 11AM- Breakfast and Prepare for Outreach Program

12PM-                   Lunch

1:30PM –              Program Started

6PM-                     Program Ended

7PM-                     Dinner

8PM-                     Rest and Talking

9PM                       Sleep

November 8, 2015 Sunday

4AM-                   Wake up and prepare for breakfast

5AM                      Breakfast

6AM                      Start of Tour

5PM                       End of Tour and Arrived at Gawad Kalinga Village

6PM                       Prepare for travel to Manila

7PM                       Left Pangasinan

November 9,2015 Monday

1:30AM                                Arrived in Manila

And yes, we all went to work on that Monday Morning. LOL.

and here’s a breakdown of my expenses: (this is rate per head and good for 8 persons)

Fare       760Php (380 One way) Five Star Transport

Food      500Php (Breakfast and Dinner on first day and Breakfast in Second Day)

Environmental Fee 20Php or 10Php(I totally forgot! I’m Sorry but it’s not expensive)

Boat Rental         400Php

Snorkeling Gear 250Php

Total: 1930Php


Activities you can do there are:


Cave Diving

Zip Line

Island Hopping


Not Bad, right? Souvenirs are not included in the expenses but there are lots of available shops at the port. ( I bought a T-Shirt BTW. 🙂 )  Overall, I enjoyed visiting the place with my friends and as well as Outreach program.


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